Bryant AIC

Innovation and Agility with Purpose

With Vision 2030, Bryant University will move to a deserved position of stronger regional and national recognition and ranking. The Vision 2030 Strategic Plan keeps the institution agile, innovative, and student-focused with a top 1% return on investment for education and further positions the university to take the next step forward delivering transformative educational experiences that prepare individuals to become purpose-driven leaders capable of achieving success on a global scale. 

In keeping with its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in education and ensuring real-world readiness of graduates, Bryant’s Vision 2030 brings to focus new initiatives of strategic importance. The initiatives include deepened data and data analytics preparation across the curriculum, a new focus on education at the intersection of health and business, and an enhanced focus on experiential learning.

Recognizing Data’s Impact on the Future

We are living in an age of increasingly big data and computing power acceleration that continuously transforms business, and virtually all societal, practices. Technological innovation has unleashed the power of data to make predictions and transformed decision-making and organizational practices and possibilities in ways that did not seem possible a short time ago. 

To succeed and contribute with purpose, our students must be prepared to understand how data and advanced data analytics enabled by technological advances can shape our lives and organizations for the better, as well as how it can create harm. They must be equipped to understand how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies are reshaping the way organizations operate and how decisions are made. They must know how to leverage technology, analyze data, and critically evaluate information to come to meaningful conclusions and make strategic decisions that improve organizational performance and people’s lives.

We are committed to equipping and motivating our students to make better decisions by harnessing the power of data, analytics, and technology. And we want our students to exercise sound judgment guided by their purpose, ethical principles, and values and not simply rely on algorithms and machines to make decisions.

Expanding Curriculum to Bridge Healthcare Gap

Next, with healthcare demand and the healthcare sector rapidly changing and growing (now representing over one-quarter of the economy), Bryant has moved to meet the need for skilled professionals with strong career preparation and broad perspective. In 2022, the School of Health and Behavioral Sciences was established to meet the increasing demand for healthcare experts with strong business acumen and provide professionals in healthcare fields with the business, data and technical skills necessary to succeed in their careers and contribute to their organizations and more broadly.

Emphasizing Valuable Experiential Education Opportunities

Thirdly, with the rapid changes in the economy and in business and organizational practice, there is increased value and reasons for enhancing an already strong base of experiential learning at Bryant, which includes leadership and teamwork training and experiences that come with Division I athletics.  The advancement of learning with real-world significance and application will take place with structured and purposeful scaffolded learning experiences for all students. Bryant’s integrated curriculum will be further infused with real-world applications and experiential education opportunities to give students an unprecedented path to reach their full potential and achieve success in their lives and chosen professional fields.