Bryant Community

Guiding Principles

Bryant’s Vision 2030 Strategic Plan is the culmination of two years of listening and engagement in broad conversations across the Bryant community to guide the vision for the university’s future. The implementation of our strategic plan aligns strategic priorities with financial resources to build on the momentum towards transformation and will be guided by: 

  • Impact on student outcomes and return on investment: The plan prioritizes initiatives based on their potential to enhance the value of a Bryant education, with a focus on job placement, earnings, graduation rates, and socio-economic impact. 

  • Resources and capacity: Bryant’s education value is as strong as its people and community. The university is committed to investing to attract and retain highly talented and diverse faculty, staff, and students to enhance learning, student, and community experiences, and prepare the next generation of leaders. 

  • Financial sustainability: to generate increased organizational strength and financial resilience through the diversification of revenue streams. 

  • Dynamic strategy: Bryant's plan will be continuously evaluated and updated based on data and analysis to account for changing conditions, opportunities, and challenges and ensure institutional high performance.