Vision 2030 Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence (old version)

Support and enhance Bryant’s dynamic academic excellence ecosystem where innovative teaching and learning are woven throughout a learner’s journey.

A Bryant education is designed to invigorate intellectual curiosity and create globally-minded, empathetic leaders. At the heart of the Academic Excellence ecosystem is:

  • a commitment to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to succeed in the data-rich future and beyond.
  • the development of new distinguished, differentiated, and interdisciplinary academic programs that combine the fields of business, the arts and sciences, and health and behavior.
  • transformative and lifelong experiential learning opportunities that leverage the university’s alumni network, strategic corporate partnerships, and caring and supportive community to expand Bryant’s experience beyond our campus and into the world.  

Bryant 3.0 Spotlight

Tomorrow’s leaders require tomorrow’s learning facilities today. Vision 2030 academic improvements include a Science Wing renovation and Exercise Science Lab in the Unistructure, while the campus expansion building will be outfitted with a cutting-edge AI and Data Center.

Bryant 3.0 Spotlight

Example of possible learning space with computers and technology